The Day that I Really Craved Sprite

There are many amazing things about moving to New York: the food, the museums, the hustle and bustle of everyday life, (the fact that there's a 24 hour bagel place near my apartment). One of the things that I've really loved about moving here is that there can be an incredible event or exhibit every day. The other week at work, my fellow coworker came in telling us all about this Bodega that just opened up on Bowery that was filled with Sprite. All of the products had been relabeled and designed to adhere to the Sprite brand feel. David Stark design did something similar with Target years ago where they took over a bodega and "Target-fied" it as well, but we were really curious with what Sprite had up their sleeves. We went there on our lunch break and what I thought was just going to be a small bodega, that was mostly used as a photo opp, turned out to have an opening in the back corner that opened up into a huge space with grafittied walls, a dj booth with a back wall filled with repurposed crates and Sprite bottles. The Sprite Bodega also worked as a venue and hosted Stand Up Comedy Nights hosted by Comedy Central, and special performances by DJs and Rappers. Most importantly there was free food and tons of Sprite and suddenly my Wednesday afternoon craving for design, puns, and Sprite was quenched.