For the Love of Papyrus

One of my favorite places in the entire world is Asheville, NC. I especially love it in the Fall right when the leaves are changing and there's that bit of crisp cold weather starts sneaking in. The city is filled with wonderful music, delicious foods and my number one favorite thing: mountains! After living in Savannah, GA for 5 years I got so tired of not being near mountains I took every opportunity I could to go and visit home so that I would only be 45 minutes away from my beloved Asheville. On one of my trips there one Fall my travel buddy and I noticed that not only does Asheville contain beautiful views and delicious craft brews but a lot of the craft and art shops would use the love-to-hate font Papyrus. It started off as a joke, I would snap a photo of the 1 or 2 shops that used Papyrus, but then it just became overwhelming how much Asheville really did use Papyrus in stores around town. So I present to you, in the honor of the approaching Fall, some of the snaps I got of the infamous Papyrus in Asheville, NC