Sharpening Those Post-Grad Tools

With the introduction of websites like Skillshare many are panicking about what this means for thousands of students spending thousands of dollars at art schools across the country. Why go to a traditional art school when with only $9 and change you can be taught by the legendary Paula Scher, Jessica Hische, and many other talents? I'm not sure about them but I myself am thrilled.

Skillshare is an online subscription based community teaching courses on constantly evolving careers like Fashion, Photography, Music, Film, etc. With $9.95 a month, one can gain access to a multitude of classes within 7 different schools, 7 different types of software and 7 top subjects. Operating in a hipper, more organized Lynda, and a more design focused Udemy, students can log on, share projects and interact with other people in their class.  

Not only is Skillshare updating its classes to fit better technologies it is also teaching the basic principles of design. Whether a newcomer to the art and design world or a seasoned veteran, this website is helping creatives go back to the basics and really look at their work in a different light.

With websites like Skillfeed, Udemy and Skillshare the idea of granting affordable education is an incredible thing, not only for new students but also for professionals brushing up on their skills as well. It has been a year since I graduated from art school and if it weren't for my current freelance opportunities or for the design blogs I follow I would be completely lost in where this industry is headed and how to adjust to it. If you think about how Graphic Design and technology has changed in the past 40 years it's enough to amazing. These websites help designers stay relevant, keep their tools sharp so to speak and interact with other designers across the country.

There is something to be said however about traditional education, I loved being in the classroom and working with my peers in a city that constantly inspired and moved me every day. I loved being able to network and see my professors at events and see my classmates grow and become stronger designers. But I do also enjoy being able to have the option to continue my education and strengthen my skills without spending a fortune or taking out another student loan (as well as learn some BA hand lettering tips from Jessica Hische in her Brooklyn studio).