My Internet Graveyard

In case you were wanting to go through a leisurely stroll through an internet grave yard I have round up my top 7 favorite "old" websites that are still active today. So re-download your internet explorer, blast those computer speakers and let's get this party rockin' like it's 1999! Also please feel free to comment with what websites have been your favorite throughout the years!



Number 7

I'm not gonna lie but I'm 98% sure that this website was created by my father. Throughout my childhood I remember hearing the screams of my father as he went through Internet Explorer in an irate rage, blinded by his hate for Bill Gates. I'm not exactly sure why Bill got the wrath of David Kelly but he did, and the whole neighborhood knew it. Anyway, this website is still preserved intentionally so all can look back to one chapter of many in the dark ages of the internet. 



Number 6

Who doesn't LOVE Robert De Niro. Better yet, who doesn't love a site about Robert De Niro that was last updated in 1999 and are still looking for your feedback! My favorite section? The sound archive but the "Upcoming Films" could potentially be my favorite once it's added. I've been promised that it's coming soon. 



Number 5

With a new election on the horizon it's nice to go back every once and a while to the '96 election against Bob Dole and Bill Clinton. Educating the masses with his views issues such as K-12 Education, Technology and Internet Thank you Dole Kemp '96 Campaign Committee for funding this amazing website that features a wonderful graphic on steam coming out of a coffee mug.



Number 4

Everything I ever needed to know about space I learned through this movie. I also learned that Michael Jordan is great at everything and mediocre at baseball, Newman is even annoying outside of Seinfeld, and Bill Murray is the man that can save the day no matter what. With a website that's landing page is universe consisting of over 10 planets (!) I'm still rooting for a sequel and crossing my fingers that it will expand this TOON-averse even more!



Number 3

I'm not even convinced that this thing is real but I'm really, really, really hoping that it is. Crank those speakers up and let this website do what it was made to do. Rock your socks off. I don't even know what Industrial Painter does but I want it. With a website that was copywritten in 2008 it's not the oldest on the list, but it is very wonderful reminder of how websites needed to have every feature possible when things were starting up.



Number 2


Tom Hanks is the perfect man and this is the perfect website that includes beautiful motion graphics and a popup that warns me about accidentally downloading a virus. I'm not sure if that is actually apart of the website or not, and I'm assuming that the virus is a forewarning of the tears that I will shed by re-watching this movie. I'm just saying, Hanks and Meg Ryan's characters are perfect for each other and I will always keep rooting for them to succeed. *BREATHE*



Number 1


This site has it all. A "This day in history" section that seems to be stuck in October, A clip of the week, Beautiful images of the wonderful Amanda Bynes and Dancing lobsters. It also give you an option to click on if you're using a mac or a pc. So considerate! Congratulations Amanda, for having a website that continues to dazzle hundreds every year!