Melbourne Design is Booming

Has anyone else noticed the wonderful art scene that is developing in Melbourne, Australia? Every time I log onto my favorite bands websites and my favorite design blogs  there is a post about Melbourne. The design which is emerging is quite refreshing and adds a level of personality to the city which visitors and residents can enjoy. One of the pieces I came across more recently was a design for Backyard Apartments by Studio HiHo based in Melbourne. Here's what they had to say: 

'We were approached to develop a campaign appealing to both the Gen Y demographic, as well as the savvy investor. Located at 321 La Trobe Street, the site initially offers a fairly standard idea of inner city living. However, take the next left at Flanigan Lane and a new world opens up…

A labyrinth of lane ways that feed into Melbourne’s hidden treasures; one-off shops, markets, art galleries and bars that are in the very centre of the city, yet remain decidedly off the beaten track… This is the backyard." 

I love this idea and the design work is beautifully handled and quite enjoyable. Check it out! As well as check out some of the other awesome work coming out of Melbourne.