Expanding the fold

I discovered this woman's mailer/packaging a couple of weeks after I experimented with my own origami mailer. This designer was focusing on selling herself as a "drug."  A medicine with different side effects such as creativity, passion, originality or art. The cube has an outside with my name, a small bio on one of the sides, the ingredients on the other (fun, smiles, creativity, originality, music….) and another side with the Drug Facts, just like a medicine with the different side effects, prescription, etc."  It is always interesting to me to have two different designers, focusing on the same approach and still have different solutions ad completely different meanings. I really enjoyed her interaction with the design and thinking outside of the box (literally and metaphorically).


The assignment which I received was to create a hypothetical mailer for my colleges Graphic Design conference. I chose to create the mailer to be used to not only convey the information of the conference but to also be made to create an origami square. I reflected on the process of design and how it relates to the process I'm highlighting so I wrote my reflections upon the outside of the mailer: "Origami is not wasteful. It uses all of the elements of the paper, never cutting or taking shortcuts to create a single unit of art. The process is just as important as the end result. As designers, we must remember to never take shortcuts, fall short or forget the fold or else the result is disastrous."